1/2.7inch 4.5mm Low distortion M8 board lens

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EFL 4.5mm, Fixed-Focal designed for 1/2.7inch sensor, 2million HD pixel, S mount lens

Similar to the M12 lens, the M8 lens compact size, light weight enables easy integration into various devices, making them an ideal choice for applications such as face recognition systems, guidance system, surveillance system, machine vision system and other applications. With the utilization of advanced optical design technology, our lenses are capable of delivering high definition and high contrast performance across the entire image field, from the center to the periphery.
The distortion, also known as Aberration, arises from the discrepancy in the diaphragm aperture impact. As a result, distortion only alters the Imaging position of off-axis object points on the ideal plane and distorts the shape of the image without affecting its clarity.JY-P127LD045FB-2MP is designed for 1/2.7inch sensor with low distortion that TV distortion less than 0.5%. Its low distortion substantially enhances detection accuracy and stability to reach the measurement limit of top optical detection instruments.

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1 Model NO. JY-P127LD045FB-2MP
2 EFL 4.5mm
3 FNO F2.2
4 CCD.CMOS 1/2.7’’
5 Field of view(D*H*V) 73°/65°/40°
6 TTL 7.8mm±10%
7 Mechanical BFL 0.95mm
8 MTF 0.9>0.6@120P/mm
9 Optical distortion ≤0.5%
10 Relative illumination ≥45%
11 CRA ﹤22.5°
12 Temperature range -20°---- +80°
13 Construction 4P+IR
14 Barrel thread M8*0.25

Product Features

● Focal length: 4.5mm
● Diagonal field of view: 73°
● Barrel thread: M8*0.25
● Low Distortion: <0.5%
● High resolution: 2 million HD pixels, IR filter and Lens Holder are available upon request.
● Environmentally friendly design - no environmental impacts are used in optical glass materials, metal materials and package material

Application Support

If you require assistance in finding the right lens for your specific application, please don't hesitate to contact us with detailed information. Our highly skilled design team and professional sales team are ready to provide fast, efficient, and knowledgeable support to help maximize the potential of your vision system. Our primary goal is to match each customer with the right lens that meets their individual needs. 

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