1/2.7inch 2.8mm F1.6 8MP S mount lens

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EFL2.8mm, Fixed-Focal designed for 1/2.7inch sensor, High resolution security camera/bullet camera Lenses,

All fixed focal length M12 lenses are characterized by their compact, lightweight design and exceptional durability, making them a cost-effective option for integration into a wide variety of consumer devices. They are widely utilized in security cameras, compact sports cameras, VR controllers, guidance systems, and other applications. Jinyuan Optics encompasses a diverse selection of high-quality S-mount lenses, offering a wide range of resolutions and focal lengths.
JYM12-8MP series are high resolution (up to 8MP) lenses designed for board level cameras. JY-127A028FB-8MP is 8MP wide-angle 2.8mm which provides a 133.5° Diagonal Field of View on 1/2.7″ sensors. Moreover, this lens features an impressive F1.6 aperture range, delivering superior image quality and enhanced light-gathering capabilities.

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Product Specifications

Model NO JY-127A028FB-8MP
FNO 1.6
Focal-Length  (mm) 2.8mm
Format 1/2.7''
Resolution 8MP
Mount M12X0.5
Dx H x V 133.5°x 110°x 58.1°
Lens structure 1G3P
IR TYPE IR Filter 650±10nm @50%
TV distortion -34%
CRA 16.0°
Operation Zoom Fixed
Focus Fixed
Iris  Fixed
Operating Temerature -20℃~+60℃
Mechanical BFL 5.65mm
TTL 22.4mm

Product Features

● Focal length:2.8mm
● Wide field of view:133.5° DFOV
● Aperture range: Large aperture F1.6
● Mount type: standard M12*0.5 threads
● High resolution:8million HD pixels, IR filter and Lens Holder are available upon request.
● Compact size, incredibly lightweight, install and disassemble easily, and does not affect the installation and use of other accessories.
● Environmentally friendly design - no environmental impacts are used in optical glass materials, metal materials and package material

Application Support

If you require assistance in finding the right lens for your specific application, please don't hesitate to contact us with detailed information. Our highly skilled design team and professional sales team are ready to provide fast, efficient, and knowledgeable support to help maximize the potential of your vision system. Our primary goal is to match each customer with the right lens that meets their individual needs.

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