Our Culture

Our Commitment

Jinyuan Optics values are highly focus on technical innovation, product quality and customer satisfaction.
Our mission is continue to create maximum value for customers,
provide high-quality service and become the first-class manufacturer of optical products.

Our History

  • Founded in 2010, The founder has a long-standing experience as consultants in the field of security camera lens. In the beginning, our main business was optical lens metal structural components processing.

  • In 2011, Jinyuan Optics set up R&D department and lens assembly department. The company started to design, develop and produce security camera lens for customer all over the world.

  • In 2012, the optics department was established. The company have more than 100 sets of optical cold processing, coating and painting equipment. Since then we can complete the whole lens production independently. We have the ability to offer engineering design, consultation and prototyping service for clients with OEM and custom design requirements.

  • In 2013, The increase in demand leads to establishing of Shenzhen branch. The annual sales volume of domestic trade exceeded 10 million CNY.

  • In 2014, base on the demand of market, we developed and produced 3MP MTV lens, CS mount HD lens and manual zoom high resolution lens which sells over 500,000 units a year.

  • From 2015 to 2022, Following the success of its security camera lens and the growing market demand, Jinyuan optics decides to expand the developing of optical products for Machine vision lens, eyepieces, objective lens, car mount lens, etc.

  • Till now, Jinyuan Optics now have more than 5000 square meters certificated workshop, Including NC machine workshop, glass grinding workshop, Lens polishing workshop, dust-free coating workshop and dust-free assemble workshop, monthly output capacity of which can be over one hundred thousand pieces. We owes a professional research and development team, advanced production line, strict production procedure management which ensure the professional quality consistent and durable of each products.