pinhole lens

  • 1/2.7inch S mount 3.7mm pinhole lens

    1/2.7inch S mount 3.7mm pinhole lens

    3.7mm fixed focal mini lens, designed for 1/2.7inch sensor security camera/mini camera/hidden camera lenses

    Hidden cameras are designed to hide or disguise in everyday items while recording audio and video. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as home security, surveillance and monitoring. These cameras work by capturing images through a lens, storing them on a memory card, or transferring them in real time to a remote device. The Hidden cameras which come with a 3.7mm cone-style pinhole lens provides a fairly wide DFOV (about 100 degrees). JY-127A037PH-FB is a 3Megapixel pinhole cone lens that compatible with 1/2.7inch sensor in compact appearance. It is tiny and takes less space than the official lenses. Install easily and high reliability.