2/3inch C mount 10MP 25mm Machine vision lenses

Short Description:

Compact size Ultra-High-Performance Fixed-Focal FA Lenses Compatible with 2/3” and smaller Imagers and 10Mega Pixel Resolution

  • Focal length: 25mm
  • Filter screw size: M25.5*0.5
  • Aperture range: F/2.8-16
  • Mount type: C mount
  • Support: 2/3 sensor camera
  • Low distortion: distortion≤0.2%
  • High resolution: Feature optimal and low dispersion lens elements, resolution up to 10Megapixel
  • Wide range of operation temperature: Excellent high and low temperature performance, operation temperature from -20℃ to +60℃.
  • Compact size, diameter is only 30mm Locking Screws For Focus And Iris:
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    Product Specifications

    Model JY-118FA25M-10MP
    Focal Length 25mm
    Image Format 1/1.8”
    Mount C
    F No. F/2.8-16
    Pixel 4k
    Focusing range 0.2m~∞
    Field Angle 1/1.8”(16:9) 20.4°(D)*17.8°(H)*10.0°(V)
    1/2”  (16:9) 18.1°(D)*15.9°(H)*8.9°(V)
    1/2.5”(16:9) 16.3°(D)*14.3°(H)*8.0°(V)
    TTL 34.6mm
    Lens construction 6 elements in 4 groups
    Distortion <0.2%
    Working Wavelength 400-700nm
    Relative Illumination >0.9
    B.F.L. 12.2mm
     Operation Focus Manual
    Zoom /
    Iris Manual
    Filter mount M25.5*0.5
    Dimension Φ30*32.2
    Heavy volume 46g

    Machine vision lenses are used in factory automation to replace the human eye for measurement and decision making. They are widely used in industrial inspection, such as machine vision programs, scanners, laser instruments, intelligent transportation, etc.
    In the whole machine vision system, the machine vision lens is an important imaging component. So select the right lenses is of crucial importance. Our goal is maximize the potential of your vision system with the right lens. Jinyuan Optics JY-118FA series is designed to achieve high resolution up to 10 megapixels compatible with 2/3" sensors with compact appearance. In order to make the device install easily and high reliability, although it is a high-resolution lens, the diameter of the 25mm product is only 30mm. This allows for installation flexibility even in manufacturing facilities with space constraints.

    OEM/Custom design

    We offer engineering design, consultation and prototyping service for clients with OEM and custom design requirements. our expertise R& D team can provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of customer. If you have any specific requirements, pls feel free to contact with us.

    Application Support

    If you need any support in finding suitable lens for your application, please do kindly contact us with further details, our highly skilled design team and professional sales team would be glad to assist you. Our goal is maximize the potential of your vision system with the right lens.

    Warranty for one year since your purchase from original manufacturer.

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