C mount 8MP 10-50mm traffic camera lens

Short Description:

High resolution traffic monitor camera varifocal Lenses, Low distortion compatible with 1/1.8” and smaller Imagers.

  • Focal length: 10-50mm
  • Aperture range: F2.8-C
  • Mount type: C mount
  • Filter screw size: M35.5×P0.5
  • High resolution: Feature optimal and low dispersion lens elements, resolution up to 8Megapixel
  • Wide range of operation temperature: Excellent high and low temperature performance, operation temperature from -20℃ to +60℃.
  • This lens support you to find the perfect field of view, cover long-distance surveillance, covering from 10mm to 50mm.:
  • Compatible with 1/1.8" image sensors:
  • Locking screws for Focus and Iris:
  • Product Detail

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    Product Specifications

    JY-118FA1050M-8MP specificate
    Model No JY-118FA1050M-8MP
    Format 1/1.8"(9mm)
     Focal-Length 10-50mm
    Mount C-Mount
    Aperture range F2.8-C
    Angel of view
    1/1.8"  W:48.5°×38.9°×28.8°T:10.0°×8.1°×6.0°
    1/2'' W:43.4°×34.7°×26.0°T:9.2°×7.4°×5.6°
    1/3"  W:32.5°×26.0°×19.5°T:6.9°×5.6°×4.2°
    Object dimension at minimum object distance 1/1.8" W:109.8×88.2×65.4㎜  T:60.6×48.7×36.1㎜
    1/2'' W:97.5×78.0×58.5㎜   T:56.0×44.8×33.6㎜
    1/3" W:71.2×57.0×42.7㎜    T:42.0×33.6×25.2㎜
    Back focal length (in air) W:11.61㎜         T:8.78㎜
    Operation Focus Manual
    Iris Manual
    Distortion rate 1/1.8"  W:-5.32%@y=4.5㎜         T:1.82%@y=4.5㎜
    1/2''  W:-4.52%@y=4.0㎜         T:1.62%@y=4.0㎜
    1/3"  W:-2.35%@y=3.0㎜         T:0.86%@y=3.0㎜
    M.O.D  W: 0.10m  T:0.25m
    滤镜螺纹口径 M35.5×P0.5
    Temperature -20℃~+60℃

    Product Introduction

    ITS is an advanced system which integrates advanced science and technology into transportation, service control and vehicle manufacturing. It enhances the connection between the vehicle, road and user. It aims to provide a comprehensive transportation system that guarantees safety, increases efficiency, improves environment and conserves energy.
    Traffic monitoring systems must generate the high-quality images under the most difficult conditions. In heavy traffic, the camera should recognize the number plates of vehicles moving at very high speed clearly. On the basis of the recording, the drivers be clearly identified even with changing light conditions. Usually, clear color pictures are required both at day and by night. The lenses which used on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) should meet these high requirements.
    Jinyuan Optics have developed a series of ITS Lenses which can support 2/3’’ and smaller sensor with high resolution up to 10MP and the large aperture is perfect for low Lux ITS cameras.

    Application Support

    If you need any support in finding suitable lens for your camera, please do kindly contact us with further details, our highly skilled design team and professional sales team would be glad to assist you. We are committed to providing customers with cost-effective and time-efficient optics from R&D to finished product solution and maximize the potential of your vision system with the right lens.

    Warranty for one year since your purchase from original manufacturer.

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