14X eyepieces,0.39inch night vision camera screen viewfinder

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Focal length 13.5mm, manual focus 14X, night vision device lens / Electronic toy gun aiming/ Imaging Ocular Lens/ eyepiece

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Model NO.: JY-MJ14X039
Focal Length  (mm) 13.5mm
Magnification 14X
MOUNT M33x0.75
Applicable Displays   0.39’’
Entrance pupil distance 6mm
Exit pupil distance 39
Optical Distortion <1%
Adjust to ﹣630,﹢410
Dimension(mm) φ38.5x25.9±0.1
BFL 6.4mm
MBF 8.1mm±0.1
Distortion <-1.7%
Operation  Zoom Fixed
Focus Manual
 Iris  Fixed
Operating Temerature -20℃~+60℃

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Product Introduction

The eyepiece, or ocular, magnifies the primary image produced by the objective; then eye can use the full resolution capability of the objective. An eyepiece is essentially a combination of lenses used as a magnifier, it projects the generated optical signal onto pupil of the eye through a series of optical components, and finally enables human eye to observe a clear image.

Night vision devices are powerful tools that allow us to see in the dark. Night vision devices can use different methods to amplify and display images with little available light, thereby enhancing your field of view. Night vision is widely used in search and rescue, wildlife observation, navigation, security and other fields. The eyepiece is an important component for night vision device.

Jinyuan Optics 13.5 mm,14X eyepiece can be used in night vision device, Electronics toy gun. It is applicable to 0.39’’ displays.


Product Features

Focal length:13.5mm
Mount: M33*0.75
Exit pupil distance:39mm
Applicable Displays:0.39’’
All glass and metal design, no plastic structure
Environmentally friendly design - no environmental impacts are used in optical glass materials, metal materials and package material
Support OEM/ODM

Application Support

If you need any support in finding right lens for your application, please do kindly contact us with further details, our highly skilled design team and professional sales team would be glad to assist you. To maximize the potential of your vision system, we will provide fast, efficient, and knowledgeable support. Our primary objective is to match each customer to a right lens that will meet their needs.

Warranty for one year since your purchase from original manufacturer.

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